This technique for men concerns the forehead and mid-facial area (malar area and temporal area).The videoscopy lifts the forehead, repositions the eyebrows,takes away the crows feet and improves the look. In the medio-facial area, this technique allows the malar zone to be repositioned, with the objective of correcting the drooping cheeks and diminishing the nasolabialfoldsfestoons. I have been using the Ramirez technique for over 20 years. I find this technique the best to use as it allows minimal scarring and high security. The objective is to correct the drooping of this region for people who do not have a lot of excess skin. Because there is no visible scarring, it is interesting for a younger population.



At the first consultation, I will take photographs which I will study and compare with old photographs taken at different stages of our life. This will allow me to see the changes of your upper facial regions with age and the connections with the other parts of the face in order to propose the choice of operation for you.
You will need to have seen an ophthalmologist recently to get a clean bill of health, as this operation involves the orbital area.


This operation requires small incisions of 1cm in the hair and is carried out under general anesthetic during a brief stay over in the clinic of about 3 days. This technique allows us to separate the muscle and the skin from the bone and to re-position the tissues and put them in place by means of deep fixations.


The staples in the hair are taken out between the 10th and the 15th day. . Lymphatic drainage may be recommended to speed up the re-absorption of the swellings


As a frontal endoscopic lifting requires rebalancing of the head muscles (frontal and occipital) it takes a minimum of 6 months to see the final result.