For the very first time , we can, without any chemical product and any foreign material, allow a true regeneration of the skin and the tissues. Regenerativ medicine has the objective of create living functional tissus to change damaged organs. The discovery of stem cells defined by a large capacity to renew themselves and to differentiate in mature tissue give high hopes for all medicine speciality, and also for the anti-age surgery.
I propose a new technic “nanofat”, from the last developpement of technology of regenerative medecin, who concentrates the stem cells from adipose tissue. After sample of your own fat, by a physical process, regenerative cells are extracted and this nanofat is reinjected with very small canulae in the sub cutaneous tissue. This treatment by nanofat allow to regenerate the skin of the face, the neck, the neckline, and the hands. The fat tissue is not used as giver adipose cells to correct a loss of volume, but constitute a treatment by regenerative cells of the adipose tissue.
Regenerativ medicine in Toulouse

This operation can be carried out under local anesthetic or local anesthetic with sedation, usually as an out- patient, alone or in association with other surgeries ( blepharoplasty, lipostructure..)

The area injected can be swollen for some days. Complications are exceptionals, neither rejection, neither side effects as granuloma or nodule as that can happen with hyaluronic acid injection. Your own cells are used.

Nanofat regenerate your skin, but don’t fill the deep wrinkles. You have to plan injection of fillers or microfat ( very fine fat with only very small adipose cells microscopics).
The final result is obtained at about 6 months and the improvement will continue for one year, time to the regenerative cells to do their work. The nanofat is also very efficient to correct the dark circles and the coloration is diminishing little by little. As any regenerative treatment, it needs 6 to 8 months for the result to be obtained.