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Times change, the trends too! Indeed, all fields are concerned by what we call the “fashion phenomenon” or “the trend”: clothing and their accessories, hairstyles, jewelry, cars… Plastic surgery does not derogate from this rule. Which are these trends? Is there any limit to the quest for the perfection of the moment?

A phenomenon is on the rise with our South Korean friends: they have the lower eyelids inflated in order to look younger. This rather particular trend named Aegyo Sal (translated the “smile of the eyes”) consists in pulling up the orbital muscle and injecting fat if necessary. It attracts more and more women who treat themselves to obtain this “youthful plenitude of the lower eyelid”.

Still in Asia, the fashion of the un-slanting the eyes has exploded since the Sixties. The race for a Western look represents a high proportion for aesthetic surgery not only in Japan for example, but also in France. In Toulouse, Doctor VASSE Dominique practices this kind of surgery called ethnic Surgery (

Ethnic surgery, also concerns patients of African origin, often by the carrying out of rhinoplasties, in order to correct the projection of the nose and the tip of the nose, and, to diminish the thickness of the nostrils.

In the United States, mammary reduction surgery is on the rise for men and young teenagers. Strongly affected by obesity, young Americans use this kind of surgery more and more to reduce the volume of their chest.

In Brazil, considered as the world leader of plastic surgery, it is really a social phenomenon. The most current interventions are breast augmentation, the liposuction, surgery of the eyelids (blepharoplasty) but especially the rhinoplasty. The high price of these interventions charged by the Brazilian surgeons, does not slow down the demand by the patients, who are anyway younger and younger to consult for surgery. Finally, it is not a surgery in general which holds the medal for the trend in the country of the Samba but specifically the plastic surgery itself.

Russia, 12th in the world classification for aesthetic surgery, is represented by the dust-up between Barbies. Indeed, the trend wants all the possible surgical techniques so as to look like more close the genuine Barbie doll from Mattel. That appears completely loony but it’s real however!

Anyway elsewhere, in Europe, the development of aesthetic surgery tends towards an increasing demand for some specific interventions, in particular mammary increase, lipo-aspiration, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty and finally mammary re-looking.In France, breast reconstruction remains to of the list for women.

Aesthetic medicine is also more and more in vogue with the practice of injections of products of fillers, fat re-injection, botulin toxin, and the use of equipment containing energy in particular the laser (pigmentary, textural or depilatory).These non-invasive medical techniques are having increasing success and are becoming more and more popular.

Plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine are huge worlds, full of resources. Each one of us has his/her own individuality, his/her own concept of beauty, its own search of himself/herself. Therefore each one of us must follow our own trend!images