Remains the best choice to diminish peribuccal wrinkles and facial scarring, especially scars resulting from acne. The experienced surgeon knows exactly how deep to go and, by mechanically removing the surface of the skin, allows the skin to regenerate progressively.

This procedure needs to have one week free of social obligations, the time needed to heal, followed by two months protection from the sun, time needed for the skin to completely regenerate and give a lovely result.



I carry out superficial and medium peelings. Deep peelings are in my opinion dangerous, because of the risk of scarring and above all problems of pigmentation (de-pigmentation which is irreversible if the peeling is too deep).

Superficial peelings with hydroxy acid are very good for keeping the skin well maintained, it improves the texture of the skin, the dilated pores and brightens the face. The treatment is progressive and social activity is not interrupted.

Medium peelings are mostly carried out with trichloracetic acid, and also have a positive effect by removing superficial wrinkles, improving skin tone, and diminishing unsightly pigmentation. You will however need to use a sun screen to avoid secondary hyperpigmentation.

I will advise you the best peeling to go for in function of the quality of your skin, and of the result desired.