The anesthetist

My team: secretary, assistant, physiotherapist, dietician.


My team is familiar with all the surgical operations carried out. Each one of them is there to listen to you and answer all your questions at the first consultation or at second consultation to give you further informations.

Stéphanie LEAUTE, my secretary is the first person you will meet, she is there to welcome you and reassure you in your journey with us. She is always available to answer all your questions about organization and can be contacted for all administrative informations.

Laurence BRESSON, my assistant will completely accompany you for everything concerning your operation. She is a master of the techniques, the carrying out of the operation itself and the quality of result you will obtain. She is there to answer all your questions before and after your operation, and she will take you in charge for the aftercare.

Sabine LEPEIX, physiotherapist, particularly specialized in aesthetic, manages the after care, according to me, to adapt the best therapy. Physiotherapy after aesthetic surgery improves your comfort after the operation, diminishes edema and hematoma, and allows a retraction of the skin, more quickly and of best quality.

Joëlle NORAY-GUILBERT, dietitian nutritionist, will help you to eat healthily and to change bad habits into good ones ,to have a better long term result