Rhinoplasty for men can be a cosmetic procedure or both cosmetic and functional.
Its aim is to correct imperfections due to trauma, genetic deformities, or aging.
Nose surgery is designed to re-establish harmony of the nose in balance with the proportions of the face by remodeling the various structures which give the nose its shape, whilst at the same time not compromising nasal respiration.


During the first consultation, I use a software which will allow you to have an idea of how your new nose could look and we will work together with these images in order to come up with a look that is both pleasing and do-able and something you will like.
By working on this imagery, I obtain maximum information on your own unique morphology and can explain to you the options available in function of your nasal and facial bone structure and the quality of your skin.
In rare cases, I may propose to you a non-surgical procedure.
In other cases, I may recommend a re-harmonisation of your profile, involving not only nose surgery but also chin surgery in order to obtain a complete re-looking or re profiling.

The operation is usually carried out under general anesthetic with a hospital stay over of 48 hours.The operation consists of remodeling the bone and cartilage.
The incisions can be purely internal (closed surgical technique), sometimes an external incision is made at the base of the nose in order to access the internal bone structure (open technique).
The osteo-cartilaginous structure can then be re modeled according to the shape agreed during the consultation, and cartilage or grafting may be used to obtain the desired result.
In order to give the best result possible, I use the latest state of the art technique which minimizes any irregularities: a preventative camouflage is placed between the skin and the bone and reshapes the nose perfectly.


Swellings and hematomas go down between the fourth and fifth day and diminish after the plaster has been removed on the 10th day. Pain, if it happens at all will be very mild, but the fact that the nostrils are packed to absorb the blood, means that it is possible only to breathe through the mouth for 48 hours.
When the plaster is removed between the 10th and 12th day, the nose will still be swollen and somewhat shorter than the final result, you will however be able to lead a normal social life..
I cannot at this moment stress how important it is that I see you for the removal of the packing, for the removal of the plaster cast on the nose, and in the following 1st, 2nd and 6th month after the operation.


We will examine and discuss the final result together 6 months after the operation, the time necessary for the healing and complete re-absorption of the swelling.
It is possible at this moment to identify any imperfections that may have occurred due to individual healing.
Healing such as cal-hypertrophic fibrosis which may necessitate cosmetic adjustments.