With the on-set of age and changes in weight, labia minora lose their shape and their volume. Lipostructure, i.e reinjecting autologous fat allows this to be correct. Hyaluronic acid injections, can also make up for this loss of volume
The operation is a real auto-transplant of fat cells by reinjection of the fat taken from the patient’s own body. It is used in reconstructive surgery to fill out depressions, and in aesthetic surgery first and foremost for its volumizing effect.
The use of new material with increasingly smaller canula , disposable material with closed circuit allows us to expand its use and improve the result. This autologous fat tissue has become the best filler not only because of its amazing volumizing effects but also for its long term trophic qualities. This procedure can be used alone or as a complement to another surgical technic.
Lipostructure des grandes lèvres à Toulouse

During the first consultation, I evaluate how much fat you need, the quality of the skin, and the area that can be treated. You will have to stop smoking 6 weeks before the operation to have the best success of the adipose cells graft.

The operation can be carried out using local anaesthesia or local anaesthesia with sedation, as an out-patient. The incisions are very small, only a few millimetres in order to insert the cannula. The adipose cells are obtained by an atraumatic liposuction with very small canulae, so as not to damage the adipose cells. We can take the adipose cells from different parts of the body ( abdomen, thighs, knees ) according to the protocol decided before the operation.

The after effects are minimal; there is no pain, and very little swelling and bruising, depending on the amount of reinjected fat. Recovery is very quick.

The final result is obtained after 2 months. I will analyse the result at this time and if necessary, I can propose another session to have an even better result. This technic is very good for patients with a stable weight, because any change of weight will deteriorate the result.