It’s a specialty apart which needs specific medical skills.
The plastic surgeon can operate at every age of childhood.
Cleft lip surgery is carried out at birth in western countries.
Surgery for congenital deformities of the hand may require several operations in the first years of the child life, so as not to delay the motor abilities of the child, often before school age, to never slow down the learning process, and sometimes we operate when the child has finished growing to obtain the final result.
Surgery for skin anomalies, cutaneous and sub-cutaneous (birthmarks, angiomas and lymphangiomas) sometimes needs complex procedures relating to the healing and the growth of the child.

At the “Clinique de l’Union”, I operate on children of more than twelve months, as the facility doesn’t allow us to operate on children younger than this.
Surgery of prominent ears is carried out when the children are ready to manage the after effects of the operation. Cf.otoplasty
Finally, at adolescence, mammary malformations may need surgical operations (Cf. mammary malformation and mammary hypertrophy in teenage girls), always being aware that the healing process at this age is always hypertrophic, even with very good aftercare and we have to weigh up the advantages of a beautiful shape compared to the possibility of scarring.
In teenage boys, gynecomasty may cause psychological effects. An operation may be neededafter a check-up with an endocrinologist. (cf. gynecomasty).