Otoplasty for men redesigns and remodels the ear lobes and auricleof the ear when the ears are considered to protrude too much.
This surgery applies to adults, adolescents and children.
It can be carried out on one ear or both ears depending on the need and the asymmetry.


At the first consultation, a precise clinical exam will allow me to evaluate the hypertrophy of the conch and the fault of the plicate of the anthelix.
If the operation is for a young child, certain factors are important in order to establish the motivation of this child before going ahead with this the operationto better manage the comportment of the child after the operation because he or she will be in some discomfort for 48 hours or more. The result of the operation depends solely on the ability of the patient to follow instructions if they are not followed the result will not be successful: it’s important that a child will fully co operate.


The operation is carried out under general anesthetic and as a day patient for a child.
For adults the operation can be carried out under local anesthetic.
One incision is made behind the ear to fix the conch to the mastoid bone.
Then,the cartilage is scraped by means of an incision between the helix and the anthelix.


You leave with a compressive bandage which you must keep on between 3 to 5 days.
Remember this operation is painful in the 48 hours that follow so you will need painkillers.
When the bandage is removed, another smaller bandage is applied for 15 days night and day
and then 15 days at night only.


The final result is obtained after 2 months and I will evaluate this result with you at this moment .Please note no two ears are exactly symmetric either before or after the operation