Breast lift corrects the sagging of the gland, the distension of the skin, and repositions the areola. The ptosis can be associated with a good volume, but in some cases, an oversized gland needs to be reduced (cf. mammary hypertrophy) or in other cases, the breasts are empty and hypotrophic and will need to have their volume increased (cf. mammary prothesis).
More often than not, the removal of excess skin, requires a T-shaped scar to give a beautiful projection, and a better long term result.



It’s necessary to have a stable weight because any variation in weight after the surgery will have a bad impact on the final result.At the first consultation, I will take a set of photographs, I will study the volume, the degree of ptosis, the size and the position of the areola and the presence of an eventual asymmetry. It is when I study these photos, that I will better understand your expectations, and I will explain to you the various surgical possibilities available and the site of the scars in function of your body’s morphology.
I cannot stress enough how important it is to stop smoking 45 days before the operation considering the risks of skin damage due to vasoconstriction from the nicotine.
A complete breast imaging is prescribed systematically ( breast X ray, echography)


The operation is carried out under general anesthetic, during a short hospital stay over. All the resection of the mammary gland is weighed, and sent to the laboratory for a histologic examination.
I use re-absorbable crotched thread in order to shorten the scars and to obtain a minimum width.
I apply a compressive bandage immediately after the operation.
You will be asked to evaluate your pain from a degree of 0 to 10 and the medical team will adapt the pain killers to your specific need.It’s vital that the pain will be dealt with rapidly and you ask you to be compliant with the medical team so as to insure your maximum comfort.


Along with my team, I ensure all postoperative care, in order to diminish scarring. If drains are used, there are taken out 2 days after the surgery and a compressive bra need to be worn for one month. Bandages are changed every four days for 15 days, a silicone gel is applied for several months.


The final result is obtained after one year, the time necessary for the breasts to achieve their natural position and for the scars to diminish. The breasts stay natural and sensitive, notably when there are hormonal or weight variations.This operation will refine your figure and give your body a younger look.