The most common deformities are:

– Poland ‘s syndrome: congenital deformity combining mammary atrophy, pectoral muscle agenesis and a hand deformity.
– Tuberous breasts develop at puberty with lack of mammary growth often asymmetric, and the lower part very short with a protrusion of areola.

It is at the first consultation, that I will carry out a clinical examination with measurements, and a series of photos.I will study the volume, the degree of ptosis, the size and the position of the areola and the presence of an eventual asymmetry.

It is when I study these photos, that I will better understand your expectations and I will explain to you the various surgical possibilities available in function of your body’s morphology.

Deformities are always complex and asymmetric, and for each case, I adapt classic techniques but I would like to insist on the benefit of using fat reinjection which radically changes the indications (choice of surgical techniques) and improves the final result.