Liposuction allows the radical and permanent removal of localized excess fat, it also allows harmonisation and reshaping of the figure but it’s not a cure for obesity.


At the first consultation, I will study, from photographs taken, the areas of excess fat which need to be treated to rebalance the body. Sometimes, I can propose to combine liposuction with lipostructure by autologous fat reinjection in specific areas to create a new harmony ( improvement of the shape of the buttocks).
The major difficulty and at the same time, the art of the experienced surgeon is to be able to discern the quality of the skin and its ability to retract. It’s the skin’s quality together with an in depth study observed at the first clinical examination, which will determine the result of your operation.
In some cases, because of the quantity of excess fat, liposuction will need to be done in two sessions in order to obtain a better skin retraction.
A vein check up is usually required in order to evaluate the risk of thrombosis.


Is most often carried out under general anesthetic, as an outpatient or with a brief stay over, depending on the number of localisations and the quantity of fat to be removed. The use of canula of different sizes which are increasingly fine enable better skin retraction. The quantity of fat removed is adapted to the capacity of the skin to retract, and it’s sometimes better to keep a curvy shape than to have loose sagging skin.
You will be asked to evaluate your pain from a degree of 0 to 10 and the medical team will adapt the pain killers to your specific need. It’s vital that the pain is dealt with rapidly and we ask you to work together with the medical team so as to insure your maximum comfort.


After the operation, you will have visible swelling and bruising. This will rapidly settle down. You will need to wear a compressive garment for one month and you can continue normal activity after the first week. I may prescribe some lymphatic drainage sessions to disperse the swelling and bruising more rapidly.


I have to see you after 6 months to evaluate the final result and, if necessary, make some minor adjustments to perfect the result.
To come back to what I have said to you in the beginning, the removal of fat by liposuction is permanent, but, to keep the result over time, it is necessary to look after yourself, eat correctly, and do some sports, in order to maintain your new look.
All my team is at your disposition to help you. This operation creates the opportunity to turn a new page in your life to improve the quality of your life and your health.