In order to enhance your profile, it may be necessary to modify the chin,either by increasing it or decreasing it.
Chin Surgery can be carried out at the same time as nose reshaping and can balance out the facial proportions These two acts complement one another.


At the first consultation, I will, by means of specialized software, be able to give you an idea of how your new profile will look.
Taking into account such things as your bone structure, muscle, cartilage and skin quality, we can then work together on this simulation to come up with the most pleasing and flattering solution for you.


If the chin is under-developed, I can inserta small silicone prosthesis.
Sometimes, excess fat needs a liposuction or fat may need to be added by injection.
The operation is normally carried out under general anesthetic with a hospital sleep over of 48 hours when the chin surgery is combined with a rhinoplasty/nose surgery.
If just chin surgery is being carried out, this can be done with a local anesthetic and you can leave the clinic the same day.


The after effects of the Operation are minimal. You will need to use a mouth wash and have a compressive bandage on your chin,you may have some mild discomfort for a few days.