Fillers give a rejuvenating effect, by filling in the wrinkles and/or adding volume to the areas which have sunken in, over time. For maximum security, I only use re-absorbable products and I would like to state that all the permanent products available on the market today and at the time of writing, do not offer the same level of security. Because of this, the injections have to be renewed regularly.
The injections are carried out in my consulting room at Toulouse, under local anesthetic if necessary (some fillers have local anesthesic include), there maybe some hematoma for which I prescribe Arnica, and an antiviral preventive for patients who are prone to labial herpes.

I use three kinds of products, in function of the quality of your skin, your age, the deepness of your wrinkles, and the result desired.
– Hyaluronic acid is the filler which is used the most for wrinkles. It is a natural skin product but it has to be reticulated in order to remain in the body, for a certain amount of time. The amount of reticulation gives us a variety of products with different densities. It is the ideal treatment for superficial wrinkles. It can also be used at a volumator when it is more reticulated. Injections have to be renewed regularly before the wrinkles reappear. In my practice, the ideal is to have the first two injections in an interval of six months, then once a year, in function of your age, the quality of your skin,and your lifestyle (tobacco, sun…).
– Hydroxyapatite of calcium is a completely re-absorbable product, very well tolerated that I use for the deepest wrinkles, on thicker skin types, and also as a vector to enhance the lower cheek. This product lasts between twelve and eighteen months.
– L-polylactique acid is the only official product authorized on the market classified as medicine, for the treatment of facial lipo-dystrophies on patients who are undergoing tritherapies for AIDS. It is therefore a very secure treatment and gives very natural and long lasting facial volume (about eighteen months), but it needs several injections at six weekly intervals to allow the tissues to create the volume.
All these products must be used with precaution and in moderation, not only for aesthetic reasons but also because of the risk of toxic side effects from overuse.