Cutting Edge New York 2015

Screenshot_2016-01-10-19-17-55-1I have just come back from the Cutting Edge in New York,  a famous  almost mythical meeting where all the news of international aesthetic surgery is shown by video, that allows to see very clearly the precise techniques used by surgeons from  all over the world. On the videos, it’s not possible to cheat about the exact technique done, and it’s really interesting, you see it as it is.

There are a lot of publications about fat reinjection techniques, that American surgeons begin to develop in body surgery, whereas in France, we use fat reinjection already for several years, with very good results. As usual, American surgeons, in my opinion, exaggerate the volumes of reinjections, as in the breasts, as in the buttocks, even though, the French aesthetic surgery or “French touch” is always more discreet,  in search of a natural aspect, a surgery which is not visible.

The bariatric surgery, after massive weight lost, both for bodylifts , and thigh lifts and arm lifts, has made big progress with refinements of liposuctions, the restriction of undermining, and the fat reinjection in the empty areas ( breasts, buttocks).

Anti-age surgery is also in progress with more and more refinements, more and more sophisticated corrections, at the skin, fat and muscular level.

On the other hand, intimate surgery takes now a large place in our specialty, with a complete  rejuvenation,  with many techniques of minora labia surgery adapted to the individual morphology, which is now well-known, associated with a fat reinjection in the  labia majora to increase the volume.

Finally, associated techniques of aesthetic medicine, lasers, fillers, botulin toxin, are real complementary treatments with surgery for a complete and effective result. Screenshot_2016-01-10-19-14-53-1