Cryolipolysis is a new technic known to eliminate unsightly fat deposits. Its success result from its non invasive character, without scalpel, neither injection.
Cryolipolyse à Toulouse

The benefits of cold for the human body are more and more known. This new technic is based on the fact that the adipose cells located under the skin are more sensitive to cold that the other cells,i.e. vascular or nerve cells. The exposure to cold for 45 to 60 minutes allows the crystallisation and destruction of the adipose cells (apoptosis).
The crystallized fat will eliminate itself naturally and definitively over the weeks after the session, to obtain a harmonious shape with a minimum of inflammation. The machine has a cold generator that allows the temperature to reduce quickly to very low level and to maintain the same level during all the treatment.
This technologic innovation is guaranteed to obtain good results. The different applicators adapt to all the parts of the body and provide a solution for efficient treatment against cellulitis, sagging skin, and other fat deposits as the double chin, flabby arms, knees, or thighs.
After the session , I propose a session of LED, to diminish the redness, retract the skin and reduce any inflammation.

Cryolipolysis is indicated for localized fat deposits. It allows the reduction of 20 to 30% of body fat over a particular area. It will not be useful for the large excess of fat .It doesn’t substitute a liposuccion when the lipodystrophies are larger. But, on the other hand, cryolipolysis can treat some areas that liposuccion can’t treat: the thighs, the arms, the back..

Risks are that without the use of appropriate and safe materials and appropriate skills of the consultant, skin lesions or necrosis can arise. This is especially the case when treating the limbs where the nerves are more superficial. Therefore, the treatment has to be carefully monitores during the session by the specialist consultant.

The result is obtained at 2 months after the session and the final result at 4 months. Depending on the desired result, a second session could be planned. To keep a beautiful aesthetic result over time, it is necessary to look after yourself, eat correctly, and do some sport, in order to maintain your new look.