The purpose of this operation is to correct sagging skin, muscular distension and the changes in fat redistribution in the face and neck.


At the first consultation, I will take photographs which I will study and compare with past photographs of you taken at various stages of your life. This will allow me to see the changes in each part of your face over the years and to propose to you an operation adapted to your need. It is absolutely vital to stop smoking 6 weeks before the surgery given the risk of skin damage due to the vascular constriction caused by the nicotine.


The incisions are made in the hair, in the temporal area in front of and behind the ear. This operation is carried out mostly under general anesthetic with a brief hospital stay over of about 3 days.
This operation concerns three elements: fat, muscle, and skin.
– fat can be suctionned off at neck and lower cheek level or inversely injected in by means of lipostructure or microlipostructure to fill-out certain zones of the face to give a younger look.
– the muscle can be pull back into place (platysma)I
– the excess skin will be redraped onto and behind the ears


Drains behind the ears are taken off the morning after the operation. The stitches are taken out between the 10 and the 15th day. Lymphatic drainage may be recommended to speed up the reabsorption of the swellings,and finally scars must be protected from the sun for two months to prevent residual pigmentation.


The final result is obtained after 6 months. Little by little, as the swelling diminishes, the skin retracts and goes back into place and the facial sensitivity gradually comes back.