Botulin toxin for men and women is a substance produced by the bacteria “Clostridium Botulinum” which has been purified under strict supervision, and is authorized as a medicine which has been used for a long time in therapeutic procedure.

Botulin toxin for men at Toulouse

Botulin is very safe, providing the injection is given by a competent medical practitioner. The latest toxins used are more and more purified, they partially paralyse the muscles injected, mostly on the upper half of the face. By relaxing the muscles, the wrinkles diminish.
The art of a successful botulin injection is to know what dose to use,this is different for each patient. In my practice, I use weak doses for the first injection, to avoid an unnatural effect.
The effect of the toxin takes some days to appear, the final result is obtained in two weeks,and stabilizes at around four months. I have to see you fifteen days after, to correct any eventual imbalance, but above all to observe the reaction of your muscles to the toxin and to adapt to perfection the doses for the next injection,which is normally six months later. I am always very prudent with these injections, and prefer to go for a natural look, to be in harmony with the lower part of the face.
This technique always diminishes the frown and softens the look on the upper part of the face.