This new technique must be carried out in a surgical environment, in an operating room, by a plastic surgeon who has followed a specific training for this procedure. Fat reinjection in the breast can only be carried out by a recognized team of specialized doctors.
Lipostructure consists in an auto-graft of fat cells by re-injecting the fat removed back into the patient.This has a double beneficial effect: at the same time as the breast is increased, localized excess fat deposit are reduced.If there is no excess skin, the Brava technique can be used, which needs a specific apparatus for you to wear several hours by day for a month, before and after the operation. This allows the skin to expand, the breast size to increase, and all these factors will create a good environment for the fat cells to take.
This technique applies not only to hypotrophic breasts but also to breast deformities:
Poland ‘s syndrome: congenital deformity combining mammary atrophy, pectoral muscle agenesis and hand deformity.
Tuberous breasts develop at puberty with the lack of mammary growth often asymmetric, and the lower part very short with protrusion of theareola.


At this moment, there is no medical evidence to support the likelihood that fat grafting could cause breast cancer. However, as each person runs a risk of getting breast cancer,this risk must be evaluated before the operation.
I work at the “Clinique de l’Union “, as a membe of a multidisciplinary team specialised in breast cancer (radiology, surgical gynecology, and oncology).
This technique requires the co-operation of the patient to formally engage to be thoroughly examined before and after the operation by members of this multidisciplinary team, at regular intervals.
I cannot stress enough how important it is to stop smoking 45 days before the operation, if not the quality of the fat graft will be considerably diminished due to vasoconstriction from the nicotine.


The removal of fat cells, is carried out by a-traumatic lipo-aspiration with very fine specific canula so as not to damage the cells.
The cells can be taken from parts of the body (stomach, hips, thighs, knees…) that we have defined together before the operation (outlines are done in a standing position before the anesthetic).
The fatty tissue is then subjected to various procedures depending on the quality of the fat needed to be obtained in order to only keep the fat cells.Then,these fat cells are re-injected by micro-canula in the various layers of the breast.
This operation is carried out under general anesthetic during a brief stay over or as an out- patient.


The side effects are mild as the scars are minimal and you can get back to everyday life rapidly. Depending of the volume of the liposuction, the affected zone may need to be covered by a compressive garment for one month.


I will evaluate the final result after 6 months and if necessary, propose an other session to refine the result. This technique allows an increase of volume which gives a very natural result without the use of artificial implants. All variations in weight will affect the result, but however, the overall aspect will remain natural, and you will keep this harmonious look over the coming years.