Each age needs in own strategy. Each lifting is unique. Each face ages differently.

In order to establish a personalized plan of prevention and improvement, i will study photos of you taken at every stage of your life to understand how the aging has evolved (at skin, muscles, and bone level) with the objective of accompanying you through out your aging process.

I will propose a combined therapeutic approach associating progressively medical esthetic procedures (fillers, botulin toxin, peelings, ) , specifically targeted surgical acts, then more invasive esthetic surgery with advancing age.

Beautiful esthetic surgery looks natural and gives a healthy complexion. In order to achieve this, a progressive process needs to be put in place.

Sometimes, anti- aging surgery can be combined with surgery which harmonizes the features (for example nose surgery, chin surgery)

– Cervicofacial lifting
– Videoscopic lifting
– Eye lift or blepharoplasty
– Lipostructure and microlipostructure
– Hand Rejuvenation