This operation which remodels the body acts at three levels:
– Removal of excess fat
– Retension of abdominal muscles
– And at skin level, by pulling down and cutting off the excess skin (horizontally and/ or vertically)
The introduction of lipo-aspiration has transformed this surgery and has diminished the need for major surgery, and invasive scarring.


At the first consultation, I will study from your photographs the localized excess fat and skin. Sometimes, I will suggest carrying out a liposuction of the hips in order to harmonise the lower body and refine the waist at the same time.
Before the operation, I will examine the state of the muscles ( rectissimus) to see if there is a diastasis which needs to be corrected. I can prescribe specific physiotherapy in order to build up muscle mass without putting pressure on the rectissimus.
A veinous check up is usually required to evaluate the risk of thrombosis.
I cannot stress enough the importance of giving up smoking before the operation. It is vital for a good result with minimal risk of complications.


Is carried out under general anesthetic followed by a brief hospital stay over. Depending on the amount of excess skin and fat to be removed, the technique used could be a mini-abdominoplasty with a minimal scar or , if necessary, a more extensive abdominoplasty. The incision is generally horizontal just above the pubis, usually with transposition of the navel.
You will be asked to evaluate your pain from a degree of 0 to 10 and the medical team will adapt the pain killers to your specific need. It’s vital that the pain is dealt with rapidly and we ask you to work together with the medical team so as to ensure your maximum comfort.


After the removal of the bandage, you have to wear a compressive garnment in order to reduce swelling, facilitate skin retraction and minimize the scar. For the two months following the operation, you will be advised by our team physiotherapist what kind of exercise is right for you. An extensive abdominoplasty which involves cutting of veins and lymphatics can cause swelling for two months. Some sessions of lymphatic drainage can be prescribed to alleviate the symptoms.


After an abdominoplasty, I have to see you after 6 months to evaluate the final result and if necessary make some minor cosmetic adjustments to perfect the result.
To come back to what I have said to you in the beginning, the removal of fat by liposuction is permanent, but, to keep a beautiful esthetic result over time, it is necessary to look after yourself, eat correctly, and do some sport, in order to maintain your new look.
All my team is at your disposition to help you. This operation creates the opportunity to turn a new page in your life to improve the quality of your life and your health.